Couple at their wedding holding wooden goblets with smiles on their faces.

Irish Wedding Goblets – the Story…

 ‘In 17th century Ireland when a young man fell in love with a young woman he carved a goblet to present to her. He lovingly carved the goblet, with two/three captive rings, all from a single piece of wood.

These two rings symbolised unity and eternity, while the three rings are said to symbolise the engagement ring, the wedding ring and the eternity ring.

At their wedding feast they both drank from the goblet and thereafter kept it in a safe place for, so long as the rings remained unbroken they would love each other for eternity.’


Each goblet is handcrafted with heart and soul to a high quality standard. Designed and made to be used at the couple’s ceremony or wedding feast. These are the perfect gift for your closest friends and family, especially those of Irish decent!

All pieces come with original, handmade packaging, including a 100% organic-cotton drawstring bag, and an accompanying information card which is personalized with a message of your choice. A lazer engraved message is also included which is inscribed underneath each goblet. This usually displays the message ”Made especially for X and Y’s wedding, on the DD/MM/YYYY”. Simply enter the text box for your own personalisation upon purchase.

Simply picture the faces of your loved ones as they re-live a tradition practiced by our ancestors, and become apart of the Magill Woodcraft journey today!

The art of Woodturning:

The Magill Woodcraft Story:

Woodturning Irish Wedding Goblets - Behind the Scenes video...

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'The most beautiful item, I knew it would be amazing but it completely exceeded my expectations. You can tell it has been handmade with love and attention to every detail. The service was fantastic, I received messages from the seller updating me on the progress of the item as it was being made which I very much appreciated. I cannot recommend Magill Woodcraft enough.'' - Pam Miller, Ohio
Couple at their wedding holding wooden goblets with smiles on their faces.