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There are two main parts of my business; (a) bespoke furniture and (b) wood-turned gifts. Bespoke furniture makes up 32% while my wood-turned gifts makes up the latter.

In terms of the bespoke furniture side, I offer the customer a one-to-one experience through designing a piece that satisfies their requirements. As most of my work is made to order, I would usually meet the customer face-to-face, discuss what they have in mind, and get back to them with a couple of design options. Details such as material type, measurements, type of finish, and more can be altered during this process, depending on what the client requires. This process offers a great solution to people who are looking for something unique, local, and customised to their needs and style. I also inform the customer where exactly the materials are sourced, which is usually Co. Galway or throughout Ireland.

In regards to my wood-turned gifts, I currently have 32 different listings available on Etsy, the online marketplace. These listings are divided into 6 categories – wedding gifts, baby gifts, bowls and platters, sculpture, and spinning tops.

However, I have learned that there are two most popular products in particular. These are my ‘Dúchas (Native) Ancient Bog-Oak Spinning Tops’, and as mentioned previously, my ‘Aontaithe le Grá (United with Love) Traditional Irish Wedding Goblets’. My products have been shipped to 6 different countries so far including the UK, Greenland, Germany, Canada, Ireland, and 21 states in the US. I also offer two forms of personalisation with the wedding goblets. These include a message of the customer’s choice typed on the product’s accompanying information card, and a lazer-engraved message underneath the goblet’s base.

Story behind the traditional Irish wedding goblet:

”In 17th century Ireland when a man fell in love with a woman he would carve a goblet to present to her. He lovingly crafted the goblet, with 2 captive rings, all from a single piece of wood. These two rings are said to symbolise love and unity. At their wedding feast they both drank from the goblet for, so long as the rings would remain unbroken, they would love each other for eternity.”

Below are some images of my most popular products:

These goblets in particular were made from native Irish spalted-Ash. Spalting is any form of wood colouration caused by fungi, which is sought after by woodworkers for it’s unique and wood colouration caused by fungi, which is sought after by woodworkers for it’s unique and beautiful grain details.

I have refined this design over time and have recently added a photosensitive, recordable sound chip to the product’s box. This is hidden within the box and plays a traditional Irish tune as the box is opened. I wanted to add another dimension to the product, which enhances it’s overall value and unique selling point.

Also included is 100% organic cotton draw-string bag which is Fair-Trade, and screen printed with my brand’s logo. Within this bag includes various info cards. These explain the Irish wedding goblet story, information about the material used, celtic symbology, the Magill Woodcraft story, a hand-written thank you note, and some business cards.

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